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Sydney Boat Hire- Why hire a boat

If you are a boating enthusiast, summer is a great reason to get out and about in the water. Whereas people who love boating own their own vessels, there is a time when it’s difficult purchasing a boat. The reason could be financial or even lack of ample storage space. However, for such individuals. Sydney boat hire is always a great option. If you are looking to book a Sydney boat hire today there are a couple of options available, we suggest you have a look at the luxury water taxies. 

There are quite a few reliable boat rentals in Sydney. Whether you are looking for a leisurely day on the sea or looking to catch a few fish, there is always a variety of boating vessels for you to choose from. There are several benefits to hiring a boat.

  • Boating is a wonderful recreational activity. If you have plans on visiting Sydney, make sure you don’t miss out on the boating fun. Not only does boating refresh and reinvigorate the mind but it’s a great way to spend leisurely time alone or with loved ones. There is something absolutely soothing about the rocking motion of the boat on calm waters. Plus boating is one of the most popular activities on the Sydney harbor. Not only tourists but local people enjoy the boating season as well.
  • Boating is a fun activity for people of all age groups. From children to adults, everyone loves to spend a day at the sea. There are quite a few activities which can be carried out. From enjoying a smooth ride to fishing or enjoying a boat party with friends, there is no dearth of enjoyable activities. So why should you think twice about hiring a boat? Go ahead and plan a fun boating activity by hiring from Sydney boat hire.
  • Boating is also a great way of enjoying with friends and family. What’s more boating is also a great bonding experience. When one is away from all the distractions of life, it’s a great time to share beautiful moments with loved ones. Plus you can always improve your boating skills. Even if you are a novice there are boats known as tinnies which are small and have a pretty simple engine which is easy to operate. As soon as you start brushing your boating skills you can go for bigger vessels with more sophisticated engines.
  • There are quite a few boats to choose from. You can choose a simple boat, which won’t cost an arm or a leg. And if budget is not an issue, you can go all out and choose a luxury boat which is equipped with the latest amenities.

Renting a boat is affordable, easy and quite simple. If you hire the boat from right rental service you wouldn’t have to worry a great deal about things like licenses etc. also if you are a complete novice and never handled a boat you can even hire a skipper along with renting the boat. This would allow you to enjoy the boating experience without having to worry a great deal about steering or handling the boat.

Take a Boat on the Wild Side

Come to Watch the Whales in Hervey Bay

Enjoy the Experience of a Lifetime

When looking for the perfect trip as tourists, it’s time to give Hervey Bay a second look. The majestic humpback whales begin their migration from the cold waters of Antarctica, seeking the warm waters of Queensland. They begin arriving toward the end of June or the beginning of July and stay there until mid-November. Tours begin in August and continue through the rest of the season.

Hervey Bay is where the mother whales begin teaching their calves how to survive in the frigid ocean waters of Antarctica. This, also, is the best time to experience the whales close up, as they seek to see the tourists in return. The humpback whale, a highly-intelligent, curious creature, love to play and show off in the waters for everyone’s enjoyment.

They may show off their acrobatic skills by tail- or fin-slapping, or come close to tour boats to give the tourists a close-up view of their awe-inspiring majesty. Have that camera ready! The pictures and videos taken now will earn the memories of a lifetime. They are also total show-offs, breaching the water to show their physical prowess, sometimes as many as 20 times in just a few minutes. Their powerful and comical antics are a joy to see.

Meeting the whales in their own playground is a chance of a lifetime experience. Paddling out into the ocean with them is an amazing sight to see. Their natural curiosity gives humans a chance to share in their wondrous lives. It’s a delight to watch them play and sing their haunting melodies. Only the males sing their songs, and these songs can last up to 30 minutes, sometimes even more. These songs can be heard over many kilometres, and each family group has its own song.

Coming Back to Life

These humpback whales were nearly extinct at one time, due to humans, but changes in human laws have helped bring them back from the brink. At one point, there were less than 2000 humpback whales in the world. Now, after sixty years, there are now over 22,000; they’re definitely returning in numbers, though they are still on the endangered list.

It’s terrible to think that at one point, we nearly lost these gentle giants. Such a thing would definitely be a tragedy. Thankfully, it looks like we have been able to turn that story around. To continue to enjoy these majestic creatures, with adventures like whale watching tours Hervey Bay, is a huge fortune that we are able to take part in.

This is No Documentary

Now, coming to get to know these comical, fun-loving creatures, experiencing their awesome lives along with them, we have been gifted with their trust and friendly encounters. It truly is an adventure not to be missed.

While out on the ocean with these magical beings, it becomes clear that this is nothing like a video on the television. Not even close! To be able to share these precious moments with them, so close that we can see right into their eyes as they roll to one side, is a gift that will last a lifetime for these vacationers.

Don’t miss this amazing adventure. Come with a camera and take stills and videos of them as they frolic. It’s unforgettable, and these whales are ready and waiting to play!

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