How To Design The Best Wristbands

Wristbands have become very important tools for marketing and branding businesses. This is because they always feature the logo and intended message on them. They also enhance your brand recognition and visibility. However, for your wristbands to prove useful in enhancing brand recognition and visibility, you have to ensure that you are selecting a design that is attractive enough for your target customers. If you are planning to issue your guests with wristbands during your next event, you must ensure that you design them perfectly so that they can help you meet your goals. Fortunately, even if you need help designing your wristbands, this article will provide tips to make this job easier for you.

Tips For Designing Wristbands

If you want to design the best wristbands for your event, ensure that you make use of the following tips;

  • Keep it simple

Keeping the design simple is among the ways that will help you maximise your visibility. Therefore, you must avoid combining many words and logos in your writing. This is because overlaying text on images usually makes the design look messy. It also prevents your staff or customers from reading what is written on the wristband when they are from a distance. Though the final design may look beautiful with all the words and images on the wristband,  the wristbands will not serve the intended purpose.

  • Use high contrasts

When you want to enhance visibility, it is important that you remember contrast is very crucial. There are certain colours you cannot use together in your wristbands, like bright orange text written on a yellow background. Therefore, consider using two contrasting colours when you are designing your wristbands. This makes the texts or images on the wristbands very visible, even when standing from a distance.

  • Avoid thin and small fonts

Another thing that you need to pay attention to when designing your wristbands is the kind of fonts you use. You need to remember that you want to increase the brand’s visibility, which means you will need to use fonts that can be readable even from a distance. For this reason, you should avoid using fonts that are too small and thin when designing your wristbands.

  • Stick with your colour scheme

The colour scheme you use when designing your wristbands should always match the colour scheme of the event you are hosting.   You should also avoid going overboard with colours since it will make the design of your wristbands look muddy. Alis, if you use too dark colours, the text on your wristbands will not be readable.

  • Understand colour profiles

Most people assume that the images they intend to print will be the same as those on the computer. However, some colours usually shift when they are printed. This is why you will have an image with a bright red colour on the computer changing to a slightly darker shade when you print it. Therefore, you should use colours whose profiles will not have major changes when you print them.

Designing wristbands does not have to be a tough job for you, even if this is your first time doing it. This is because the above tips will help you have an easy time designing them. However, you can always rely on professional help if you still need help designing your wristbands since quality designs are important.

If you have an event or a convention, it is best to order wristbands from a reliable supplier.

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