Level up the Entertainment Experience with the Lion Richlands

The Lion Richlands fulfils everyone’s dream of the ultimate entertainment experience. Gaming, dining, drinks, and casual and fine dining are right there with you at a single destination!

Opting to visit the Lion Richlands provides you a safe, welcoming, and clean environment to enjoy all the amenities of spectacular food, entertainment, and services. Unwinding after working so hard and bonding with family and friends of all ages is achieved the minute you step into the entertainment hub known as the Lion Richlands.

Here’s what in store for you when you visit the Lion Richlands:


Everyone’s preferred drink is available at the two types of bars in the Lion Richlands.

Wine and Cocktail Bar

Are you ready to share a couple of after-work drinks with friends on Friday nights? No need to hit a couple of bars to get the right ambience with the light dinner music, drinks, and light snacks offered by the wine and cocktail bar of the Lion Richlands.

Sports Bar

Not making it in real-time to the games you love doesn’t mean missing out altogether. The sports bar of the Lion Richlands ensures that you stay updated on your favourite sports. The humongous TV screens ensure front row seats live game watching while sharing tasty wraps, sandwiches, and beer with your favourite people.


When gaming is the spice in your life, the gaming lounge of the Lion answers all your needs. With more than 250 latest gaming gizmos, every gaming aficionado is ensured of staying on top of their game all the time and every time. 

Raffle nights every Friday and Saturday starting from 5:30pm gives you a chance to win a pot of prizes and cash worth over $900.

The commitment of the Lion to the responsible and ethical behaviour of gamers and patrons ensures the protection of their wellbeing. This means that the featured games are not open for the use of minors.

Dining experience

A whole world of new and exciting dining experiences waits for you in the Lion. The dining options featured by the Lion include:

Cafe Dining

If light eating is the order of the day, the cafe dining experience option of the Lion is the best there is. Getting your morning fix becomes an exquisite experience when it is at the Lion cafe.

The baristas will not disappoint with their concoctions of the best gourmet coffee mixes. Pairing that delicious and invigorating cup of coffee with the famous ham & cheese toasties is the best way to start the day right.

It’s also recommended not to miss out on hot work dishes and a wide assortment of pizzas when visiting the cafe lounge of the Lion.

Restaurant dining experience

A fine dining experience is what you get when choosing the luxurious restaurant of the Lion. The ala carte meals guarantee mouth-watering delights that are sure to satisfy any epicurean.

Be it lunch or dinner, the restaurant of the Lion is sure to cater to everyone’s gustatory preferences. The wide array of exquisite and decadent desserts ensures sweet tooths the ultimate food trip.

The ultimate entertainment experience provided by the Lion Richlands ensures that everything you’ve always wanted is there. With all these amazing features, it’s of small wonder that the Lion Richlands has become the go-to place for both locals and visitors. Visit Richlands hotel for lunch, and try out a unique experience.

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