Wedding Venues Mornington Peninsula

A wedding is a very remarkable milestone in an individual’s life. To many, it is a ceremony that will forever be memorable in their mind. For a couple that is ready to tie a knot through a wedding event, it is important that they make a choice of a perfect venue for this event.


To come up with the best choice for a wedding venue, the following insights are worth considering:

  1. The budget. Yes, a very important insight that should come first before any other thing. You will desire that your wedding event be perfect. You will, therefore, have to make a budget that caters for everything before and during the ceremony. You’ll never wish your wedding event jeopardised by insufficient funds as a result of poor budgeting.


  1. Decide on the kind of venue you wish your reception to be, and where the actual event will take place. The event could occur in the church or some other place of choice and then the reception be held in a hotel or the same place.


  1. Come up with an idea about your favourite place. It could be where you first met or someplace that is accessible for your friends and all visitors.

  1. Another important insight to consider is the season of the year. Wedding venues are more booked during summer in comparison to winter. You are likely to get your desired venue during winter than summer.


  1. It’s good to be flexible with the actual date of the event as it allows you to have multiple choices over the venues. That way, you are likely to land in a suitable venue, unlike sticking to one chosen date.


  1. The venue you choose should translate to the number of guests to be invited, or you expect to attend the wedding ceremony. It will be absurd to choose a large venue when only a handful of visitors are expected.


  1. Confirm whether the venue you have chosen will be exclusively yours or if it will be shared with other quarters. This will help in curbing embarrassment or shock prior to the wedding ceremony. You may not wish to share the wedding or reception venue with uninvited or random people.


  1. You may consider delegating the duties of planning to a wedding planner. This leaves you with less to worry about as every aspect of the event such as flowers, the venues, chairs, food etc. is handled. You, therefore, approach the grand day graciously, stress-free.


  1. It is unlikely that all of your guests will drive to their homes after the wedding event. It is noble to arrange for accommodation for them afterwards. You can do so by arranging for reservations in your regional hotels for their stay. You may also choose to have the event in a hotel so they may not have to travel after the reception.


  1. It is fair to consider if the venue of choice is accommodating to the handicapped as well as children. Ask yourself if any of your visitors are handicapped and what arrangements are available for them in the venue. How will visitors with children be accommodated?


  1. The last aspect is with regard to photography. Find out if taking photos in your venue of choice is allowed. If so, it’s good to look for a photographer who’s professional to take the wedding photographs. Outdoor sections are the most ideal for taking excellent photos.

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