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What Do You Need To Know Before Hiring A Minibus In Perth

If you are planning to explore Perth with your family or small group of friends, hiring a minibus is highly recommended. This is a more convenient and comfortable option than public transportation and driving your own car.

But, before you get too excited and schedule minibus hire in Perth, make sure that you know all the information provided in this article.


What Do You Need To Know Before Hiring A Minibus In Perth


This checklist can help you find success in hiring a minibus in Perth:

Regulations and policies


Before you hire a minibus, make sure that you have read the regulations and policies the bus company imposes. Failure to follow the guidelines they set may require you to pay penalties.

Also, you need to know the policies they follow in terms of ensuring that their minibuses are safe for passengers.




Another important factor you need to know is the safety of the bus for the passengers. It is easy for the bus company to claim that their minibuses are maintained, even if they are not. Make sure to ask for a copy of the latest inspection and maintenance reports of the minibus you will hire.

Read the details on the report and make sure that issues, if there are any, are fixed. Before travelling, it is highly recommended that you ask for a person to reach for issues. Keep the person’s contact number available on your phone in case of emergency.


Driver’s license


If you are hiring a minibus with driver, make sure that you ask for a copy of his driver’s license. Check on the validity of the driver’s license and make sure that he is permitted to drive a minibus.

The operator must voluntarily show you the license of the driver, he/she will dispatch, but if he fails to offer, ask for it.


The minibus insurance


The bus operator must present you an insurance certificate. You would never want to hire a minibus without insurance as that will not make you feel confident about using it. The insurance will serve as a proof that the minibus is safe, secured and well maintained.

Tip: Check on the minibus insurance, make sure it is legitimate and not tampered. If the bus operator does not allow you to check on the insurance up close or in person, you might want to consider a different company.


The number of drivers that will come with you on the trip


Especially if you are planning to travel far or outside Perth, having more than one driver is recommended. Ask the operator if they can dispatch more than one driver per minibus. Some will ask extra charge for it, but others will not.

Having more than one driver for a long ride can assure you of an uninterrupted trip and safe ride, as the original driver can take a rest when needed.


Maintenance tools


You have to make sure that the minibus is fully equipped with maintenance tools, like spare bulbs, a spare tire, tool kit, flashlight, and other necessary items needed for an emergency.


Before you get a mini bus hire Perth, make sure that you know all of the items mentioned above. If you are not complete with your checklist, wait until everything is completed before hiring a minibus.


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